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Initial Client Contact (For Client):

Clearly communicate the need for a comprehensive brief to avoid multiple iterations.

Emphasize the importance of providing specific details and examples.

Schedule a meeting or clearly state the project requirements and necessary information in a point form email.

Brief Template IMPORTANT (For Client):

Create a clear and concise brief template to be filled out by the client.

Include sections for objectives, deliverables, desired style, and any specific requirements.

Clearly outline the deadline for submitting the brief.

Client to provide any specific images or assets they want to be included in the final deliverables.

Client to provide their logo in SVG format and a high-resolution transparent PNG file. 

Client to also provide a detailed brand guideline.

Brief Review (For ASAP):

Thoroughly review the client's brief upon receipt.

Check for clarity, completeness, and consistency.

If the brief is inadequate, follow up with the client for additional information or clarification.

Initial Design Proposal (For ASAP):

Prepare an initial design proposal based on the brief received.

Clearly define the scope of work, timelines, and deliverables.

Share the proposal with the client for approval before proceeding with the design work.

Design Development (For ASAP):

Once the proposal is approved, begin the design work based on the agreed-upon scope.

Adhere to the design guidelines and specifications provided in the brief.

Avoid making significant deviations without prior client consultation.

Design Review and Feedback (For Client & ASAP):

Share the design drafts or concepts with the client for review.

Client to provide, consolidated feedback and revisions in a timely manner.

Client to provide specific consolidated comments and examples for efficient revisions.

Client to provide ALL comments and feedback within 48hrs. Client should make use of the timeline given to ensure that all comments or further changes are to be instructed clearly, to avoid back and forth.

Implementation of Changes (For Client)

All requested changes will be implemented within 2 business days from the time of request.

Any urgent or rushed changes will incur an additional charge of R1000, separate from the standard project cost or retainer fee.

Revision Process (For ASAP):

Incorporate the client's feedback and revise the design accordingly.

Ensure that revisions align with the initial brief and the project's objectives.

Clearly communicate any limitations or challenges in implementing specific changes.

Final Design Approval (For ASAP):

Present the revised design to the client for final approval.

Verify that all requested changes have been addressed.

Obtain a written confirmation or sign-off from the client before proceeding to the final stage.

Project Closure and Delivery:

Prepare the final design files in the required formats.

Conduct a final quality check to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Deliver the design files to the client securely and within the agreed-upon timeline.

A sign-off link will be provided to client once project is delivered and closed. Any additional changes requested after sign-off will be treated as a new project and subject to separate charges.

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