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Scope of Work:

The project deliverables, as outlined in the initial agreement, have been successfully completed.

Any additional work requested beyond the scope of the original agreement may be subject to additional charges and considered as a separate project.

Design Approval:

I have reviewed and approved the final design(s) provided by ASAP.

I understand that further changes or revisions may incur additional costs and will be treated as a new project.

Intellectual Property:

I acknowledge that all intellectual property rights associated with the completed project, including design files and assets, belong to ASAP until full payment has been received.

Project Closure:

I confirm that the project is considered closed upon signing this form and that no further work or revisions are required, unless stated otherwise.

By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the terms outlined in this sign-off form, and I declare my satisfaction with the completed project.

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