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pineapple dodgeball

a proof of concept for Pineapple Insurance.



Highlight the unpredictable nature of life's challenges and demonstrate the protective value of various insurance covers through an interactive, high-energy dodgeball arena.


The arena is split into two distinct zones: 'Life's Curveballs' and the 'Individual's Ground'. Players entering the arena must face a barrage of dodgeballs, symbolizing life's unexpected hurdles like theft, breakage, damage etc. Their preparedness is represented by the protection (teammates) they bring into the arena based on the insurance covers they possess.


Life's Curveballs Zone:

Hosts 5 throwers equipped with an unlimited arsenal of dodgeballs, continually hurling them at the participant in the opposing zone.

Individual's Ground:

This is where participants stand and experience the onslaught of balls, symbolic of life's unpredicted challenges.


Prior to entering, participants must state if they have any insurance cover and, if so, the type(s).

Individuals Court.png

experience dynamics

Insured Scenario:

Participants choose their "defensive teammates" based on the type of insurance covers they have:

Car = One defender

Electronics = Another defender

Home = A third defender

Accident = A fourth defender


Each defender represents a layer of protection, assisting the participant by deflecting balls and, in essence, mitigating life's challenges.

Uninsured Scenario:

If a participant declares they have no insurance, they enter the arena alone, attempting to dodge life's curveballs without any support.


The game lasts for a designated time 30 seconds


Participants try to dodge as many balls as they can. Those with defenders will find the challenge easier as they have layers of protection.


The game serves as a metaphor:

The more insurance covers (defenders) one has, the better they are protected against unforeseen life events.

key messages to communicate

Life is Unpredictable: Just like the unending onslaught of dodgeballs, life can throw unexpected challenges our way at any time.


The Power of Preparedness: Being insured is akin to having a team that helps shield you from life's curveballs.


The Vulnerability of Going It Alone: Without insurance, one is left to fend for themselves, increasing the odds of being "hit" by life's unpredictables.

post-game engagement

Reflection Booth: After the game, participants can share their experiences and feelings during the game, drawing parallels to real-life situations.

Social Media Push: Encourage participants to share their 'Dodge Life's Curveballs' experience using a specific hashtag, fostering wider community engagement.


Through this immersive and memorable activation, participants will gain a deeper appreciation for the value of insurance. The tangible experience of facing (and sometimes getting hit by) life's curveballs will emphasize the crucial role of insurance in offering protection and peace of mind.

summary & execution

Pineapple Dodgeball's activation is a dynamic blend of engagement and education, set in prime locations for optimal interaction.


The central arena, segmented into 'Life's Curveballs Zone' and 'Individual's Ground', offers participants an immersive experience of navigating life's challenges, showcasing the importance of being insured.


Live demonstrations simplify the game's mechanics, ensuring participants are clued in and ready. One of the event's standout features is the strategically positioned sign-up stands. Attendees keen on exploring Pineapple Insurance options can gather more information, register their interest, or directly sign up, making the event a potent lead generation tool.


Following their stint in the arena, participants can delve deeper at the reflection booths, promoting further introspection.


Capturing the event's vibrancy, a compelling video will spotlight the game's highlights and heartwarming participant testimonials, set for wide distribution across Pineapple's digital platforms.


Rounding off with post-event promotions, feedback avenues, and a loyalty points incentive, this campaign marries the thrill of a game with the security of insurance, all under Pineapple's trusted name.

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