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feast fighter

proof of concept

a proof of concept for Nando's.


Dear Nandos team. 


We know that we're just your design team (for now) but we have much more up our sleeve. The reason we are pitching to you today is because we want to take our relationship to the next level. 


However, we knew that pitching something to you on this level would need something....cocky. The reason being is that Nandos has a historical reputation for being bold, daring and disruptive. In saying that, this method inspired our concept. So we knew that our idea should encapsulate everything in one.


So we’d like to present our Proof of Concept....Feast Fighter

Our concept is derived from the nostalgic arcade game Street Fighter.


Each competitor would be portrayed as a fighting opponent to Nando's.


This concept has mass "virality" and will have consumers fully immersed.


Each competitor will have its own unique identity. Consumers will undoubtedly know who these characters are. 

They will even have their own storyline and bios. For Example:

Please note that these characters will be custom illustrated by our animators to perceive each brand in its unique identity. The characters you see now are just placeholders.

The Sergeant was the revered and decorated chief officer for Flavora's elite poultry division. Always ambitious, post-retirement, he tried to leverage his knowledge of poultry to concoct a powerful blend of 11 spices and herbs. However, his insatiable ambition led him to a forbidden act. He was caught secretly dosing the chickens with certain steroids in a bid to make them bigger and more flavorful, a clear violation of Flavora's code of culinary ethics.


Banished for his transgressions, he embraced his new identity as "The Sergeant." Donning a crisp white suit and rallying an army of crispy, steroid-boosted followers, he's on a mission to prove that his method, albeit unethical, delivers the most finger-licking good chicken anyone can find. He values discipline, order, and remains fiercely protective of his secret recipe.

Feast Fighter - The Sergeant.png

The Sergeant - Sgt. Kent Frederick Clucks

Feast Fighter - tags_The Sergeant.png
Feast Fighter - Soul Brother.png
Feast Fighter - The Sergeant.png
Feast Fighter - Nandi.png
Feast Fighter - Dr. Mac.png
Feast Fighter - Wacky Wendy.png

Right from the outset, the identities of the competitors become unmistakable, drawn from their distinctive names and the nuances in their typography. We've subtly tweaked the fonts of these competitors to offer a more pronounced hint about which fighter they parallel.

Feast Fighter - tags_Soul Brother.png
Feast Fighter - tags_The Sergeant.png
Feast Fighter - tags_Nandi.png
Feast Fighter - tags_Dr. Mac.png
Feast Fighter - tags_Wacky Wendy.png

Chicken Licken





Campaign Messaging

 True essence doesn’t compete 

 It inspires 


To build excitement for Nando's through a nostalgic-driven ad campaign that aligns the essence of the brand with the spirit of a fighter who has passion and skill in flame-grilled chicken mastery.


Engage and excite consumers with an 8-bit fighting game that positions Nando's as the ultimate champion in flame-grilled chicken, encouraging widespread UGC and social media interaction.


Nando's is currently the epitome of marketing within the fast food chain and our goals are purely dedicated to creating a bullish and fun campaign for consumers and would align around:


  • Increasing foot traffic

  • Prompting app downloads

  • Expanding customer base

  • Virality and Trend

Feast Fighter - logo.png
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