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what's that fragrance

a proof of concept for What's The Fragrance



The "What's that Fragrance" campaign is to increase brand exposure for "What's that Fragrance". Promo codes for 20% off will be given to influencers for a minimum spend of R500. These promo codes will be used by the influencer's followers for purchases.


 Influencers will participate in a guessing game. They will receive a mysterious box and will be instructed to unbox the mysterious packages on their social media platforms using the hashtag  #WhatsTheFragrance and record initial impressions and guesses.

key steps:

1. Influencer Selection:

  • Identify and engage local influencers whose follower demographics align with the brand's target audience.


2. Mysterious PR Packages:

  • Create visually captivating and enigmatic PR packages containing sample-sized fragrances, a diffuser and a scented candle. The packaging should generate curiosity. 


3. Personalised Invitations:

  •  Send personalised invitations to the selected influencers, explaining the campaign and expectations. Emphasise the mystery behind the PR packages.


4. Guessing Game Instructions:

  • Influencers unbox the mysterious packages on their social media platforms using the hashtag #WhatsTheFragrance.

  •  Record initial impressions and guesses.


5. Engagement:

  •  Provide followers with the influencer's unique promo code.

  • Maintain open communication with influencers, answer their queries, and encourage interaction with their followers.


6. User-Generated Content:

  • Influencers will unbox the package on their story. 

  • Encourage influencers to compile campaign content into a single video to be shared on the brand's social media.


7. Monitoring and Amplification:

  •  Monitor the campaign's progress through the designated hashtag.

  •  Engage with influencer posts, share them on the brand's social media channels, and highlight creative content.


Through this immersive and memorable activation, participants will gain a deeper appreciation for the value of insurance. The tangible experience of facing (and sometimes getting hit by) life's curveballs will emphasize the crucial role of insurance in offering protection and peace of mind.

summary & execution

Liberty Dodgeball's activation is a dynamic blend of engagement and education, set in prime locations for optimal interaction.


The central arena, segmented into 'Life's Curveballs Zone' and 'Individual's Ground', offers participants an immersive experience of navigating life's challenges, showcasing the importance of being insured.


Live demonstrations simplify the game's mechanics, ensuring participants are clued in and ready. One of the event's standout features is the strategically positioned sign-up stands. Attendees keen on exploring Liberty options can gather more information, register their interest, or directly sign up, making the event a potent lead generation tool.


Following their stint in the arena, participants can delve deeper at the reflection booths, promoting further introspection.


Capturing the event's vibrancy, a compelling video will spotlight the game's highlights and heartwarming participant testimonials, set for wide distribution across Liberty's digital platforms.


Rounding off with post-event promotions, feedback avenues, and a loyalty points incentive, this campaign marries the thrill of a game with the security of insurance, all under Liberty's trusted name.

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