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A single solution for tickets, drinks, cashless transactions, and ease

The entertainment journey, reimagined


Market Saturation Without Value


Four primary competitors dominate the ticketing space, yet they fail to deliver value-added benefits or a satisfactory user experience.

Foreign Monopoly on Major Stages


A non-South African entity controls the majority of large-scale events, overseeing ticketing to operations and cashless transactions, resulting in a disjointed user journey.

Unmet Consumer Demand


Modern consumers seek enhanced convenience and value throughout their user experiences, a need currently unaddressed in the market.


Enhanced Value Proposition


Introduce HOPS as a platform that not only facilitates ticketing but also integrates rewards, alcohol delivery, and localized features, creating a holistic and enriched end to end user experience.

Inter-rooted (Integrated & Rooted)

Provide a unified platform for event discovery, ticketing, in-event purchases, and post-event engagements, eliminating fragmentation and honing in on proudly owned South African product.

Ultimate User Convenience


With an easy wallet system, local partnerships, and rewards program, cater to the modern consumer's desire for convenience, incentives, and an all-in-one platform for their entertainment needs.

Core Features

Unified Ticketing System

Access major events across the nation. From concerts to sports, HOPS is your ticket to the action.



Easy Wallet

Preload funds for seamless transactions. Whether it's tickets, drinks, before or at events, HOPS simplifies payments.



Beverage Delivery

Curate your night with our extensive beverage selection, delivered straight to your door. Be it for events or just to order, we've got you covered.



Local Partnerships

Dive into exclusive deals and specials that truly resonate with South African tastes and vibes.



Vendor Integration

Elevate your event experience. Use HOPS for on-site purchases, making your night out truly immersive


Uber Integration

Book or schedule an Uber to and from your event destination.

Rewards & Incentives

Earn While You Enjoy: Accumulate points for every order, booking, or referral.

Exclusive Discounts: Loyal HOPS users get preferential rates for select events.

Reward Tiers: Climb the ladder from 'Hopper' to 'VIP' and enjoy perks at each level, from free deliveries to VIP event access.

Birthday Bonuses: Celebrate with HOPS and get special deals on your special day.

Friends & Family Referrals: Invite your mates and both of you get rewarded when they make their first purchase.


The journey




Discover & Secure

Bob launches the HOPS app and immediately spots the major music festival banner. Intrigued, he clicks on it. He's greeted with event details, artist line-ups, and ticket options. Bob selects tickets for himself and a couple of friends.

Pre-Event Vibes

As he's about to proceed, HOPS asks, "Ready to set the mood before the festival?" It showcases a list of drink combos and special sponsored beverage selections available for pre-event delivery. Bob picks a combo pack, imagining the early fun with his friends.

Skip the Line

The app then nudges Bob, "Want to avoid the drink queues at the festival?" HOPS offers exclusive drink packages that can be pre-ordered and collected at dedicated HOPS counters during the event. Bob loves the idea of no waiting and adds a festival drinks package to his cart.


Smooth Rides

Before proceeding further, HOPS pops another suggestion, "How about a hassle-free ride?" Offering Bob the option to schedule an Uber to the festival and back, ensuring he doesn't have to worry about parking or driving.

Elevate the Experience

Bob sees his tickets, pre-drinks, festival drinks, and transport all neatly summarized in his cart. He proceeds to the payment page. With a choice of his preloaded HOPS wallet or other payment methods, Bob confirms his purchase.


In moments, he receives:

- E-ticket in app

- Scheduled delivery for his drinks

- Festival drinks collection pass 

- Ride ride details.


Our Goal

Become the go to app for everyones entertainment needs

Oversee the ticketing to operations and cashless transactions for the major stages

Provide consumers with unparalleled convenience for their good times

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