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case study

a proof of concept we pitched to Fanta.

Welcome to the FANTAMS Universe, a world where mischievous snack monsters have invaded South Africa, on a mission to devour all the snacks they find!  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to capture these snack monsters, transport them back to the FANTAMS Universe, and save the snacks!

The aim of the FANTAMS game is to tie back to the "snacking" key element associated to the FANTA brand through an immersive WEB-AR based game.  We wanted to align this campaign not only to Fanta, but also to its associated partners, creating a more immersive and targeted experience for the consumer. 

Each FANTAM will have their own unique storyline and represent a Fanta flavour as well as a Fanta partner collectively. There can also be variations of each fantam to expand the fantams collection and monsters. 

The inspiration behind the FANTAMS, was based of the nostalgic toys called JOJOS or Crazy Bones, which were a hit collectible back in the day. 

As part of a bonus feature in the game, there will be very rare moments where a user will have the opportunity to find an exclusive FANTAM. We call them FANTAMS 2.0. These fantams hold a higher value in the game and could lead to bigger rewards. They are equivalent to the golden snitch. They're sparkly, shiny and have the power to boss you up a couple points on the leaderboard.

FANTAMS (3).png

Each game will present a user with a random Fantam in their quest. These Fantams are broken down into 3 levels of rewards. Keeping in mind the priority reward is to collect a FANTAM.


Level 1 Fantams - These Fantams will have vouchers linked to them to the value of up to R30.

Level 2 Fantams - These Fantams will give you an entry into a grand prize (example an iphone 15)

Level 3 Fantams - These Fantams will give you 20 coins.


If a user has played 5 games, which would mean, they purchased 5 Fanta's, the system will randomly place a Fantam 2.0 on the next game that they play.

The Fantam 2.0 value can be decided on. For example, you could instantly win a pair of Crocs or a cash prize if caught.


These coins merely serve as a distraction in the game. However, they still hold some value.
Each game will allow a user to accumulate up to 50 coins max, per game. 
Example - 1000 coins = R10 voucher


So, a user will need to effectively play 20 games with the intention of only collecting coins in order to redeem a R10 voucher.

16. Fanta.png

Strong brands have a strong brand identity that exists beyond their own grounds. Whether it’s KFC’s bucket that they’ve incorporated into their menus, logos and packaging designs, or McDonald’s double arches outside their restaurants. Mochachos deserves a brand identity of their own.

We have decided that the Mochachos nacho will be our brand identity. The triangle-shape will be used in the form of portraying flavour options, badges, and as a unique and recognisable shape on our marketing and packaging.


During your quest, FANTAMS will pop up nearby within 5 to 10 meters of range. You'll have the FANTAMS heat radar and navigator to guide you and you will have 20 seconds in which to find the Fantam. While on the hunt, you can keep an eye out for extra coins  that will pop up for you to collect.

You'll be equipped with the following game tools:


For this campain, we propose a 3 phase leg, with phase 1 being To Launch the FANTAMS game as presented.

Promote the game through various channels, including social media, in-store signage, and online ads, billboards, etc.

Encourage users to create their FANTAMS accounts and start playing.

Phase 2 - Introduce tangible collectibles of the FANTAMS.

Offer these collectibles as rewards for combo meals paired with a Fanta at fast food partners or with a minimum spend at partner supermarkets.

Collaborate with brands that fit seamlessly into the campaign, like Crocs - create Fantam Jibbitz that will compliment the campaign

Continue promoting the game, emphasising the collectible aspect.

Phase 3 - Host a Live Action FANTAMS Event:
Invite top-performing players from across the nation who have collected all FANTAMS and earned the most coins.

Form teams and organise a city-wide scavenger hunt to find life-sized FANTAMS.
Grand prize for the team that collectively captures the most life-sized FANTAMS.

Promote this event through social media, influencers, and user-generated content.

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