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mochachos rebrand

case study

the greatest rebrand that never happened


In mid-2022, we approached the esteemed Mochachos brand, presenting a tailored blueprint to elevate their market presence. Recognising their well-established reputation, our vision was centered on rejuvenating and amplifying the brand's potential for even greater resonance.

They responded with interest and here's what we came up with.

We were careful about accurately representing what Mochachos looks like.


As it stands, Mochachos' current logo is symbolic of the native American culture, and not Mexican. We also wanted to steer away from the Mexican stereotypes such as sombrero hats, cacti or jalapenos, and stay true to what Mochachos connotes.


Through our extensive research we have created a logo that portrays a refreshed, yet relatable theme throughout; adopting the triangle from the previous Mochachos logo to the variation that we have created:


An Aztec chief cave art style that is true to Aztec culture and art, removing shadows, gradients and outlines for a solid, flat icon means we can use this logo, just about anywhere.

Mochachos Pitch.gif

It's scalable, it's catchy, and it's fitting for the type of food Mochachos is recognized for. 


Our vision for the brand is to be more authentic, desirable, and eminent, rather than the synthetic, artificial and fatigue feeling that some brands portray.


We have created a logo that is memorable and easily identifiable, and can adapt to fun elements such as the following emotives:

Happy ‘Cha Chos, yummy ‘Cha Chos, drooling ‘Cha Chos and dynamite ‘Cha Chos, emphasising the most renowned Mochachos flavour.


The new Mochachos logotype that we created is bigger, bolder and tastier. We have incorporated a darker shade of red, and a brand new addition to the Mochachos colour palette, a mayo colour which we deem as the Mochachos whip colour.

In addition to our logotype, we created a custom Mexican font that will be utilised for pricing, slogans and marketing collateral.


Strong brands have a strong brand identity that exists beyond their own grounds. Whether it’s KFC’s bucket that they’ve incorporated into their menus, logos and packaging designs, or McDonald’s double arches outside their restaurants. Mochachos deserves a brand identity of their own.

We have decided that the Mochachos nacho will be our brand identity. The triangle-shape will be used in the form of portraying flavour options, badges, and as a unique and recognisable shape on our marketing and packaging.


As like many other major fast food chains. Many of which had nicknames, for example: Nando's - Nandi's, Mcdonalds - McDeez. We saw the opportunity right in front of us and we wanted to start being more intentional about ‘Cha Chos!


We curated taglines to be used in all marketing or advertising rollouts. For example:

Mochachos Pitch (1).gif

Observing our prominent competitors, many boast signature beverages, such as McDonald’s with their McFizz and KFC’s Krusher. Our proposal to Mochachos was the introduction of 'La Bebida' – a distinct beverage designed to rival these leading offerings.

La Bebida, with its blend of vibrant mango and berry flavors, is accentuated by the special Mexican ingredient, chamoy, adding a tantalizing balance of fruity, tangy, and a hint of spice. This concoction culminates in a supremely refreshing experience. In Spanish, 'La Bebida' aptly translates to "the drink."


We also envisioned the potential of their billboard advertisements, spotlighting their standout flavor, 'Dynamite'.


Concluding the pitch, we had prepared La Bebida samples and showcased Mochachos lunch in our revamped packaging concept. Consistency is a cornerstone in the restaurant industry, encompassing everything from aesthetics and food to uniforms, packaging, and the end-to-end customer experience.

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