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Meditation in Forest

bringing your ideas to life

with our team of industry experts, we create unforgettable experiences

we offer a variety of services. from local or national in scope, together they can offer the total package. make use of one specific brand expertise, or be serviced and have us completely take care of the whole process.

Cartoon Camp

Event companies in Johannesburg


project management & production

we are specialized in event production. this means that we don’t organize events, but we make the overall translation from concept to realization on behalf of our client / the event organizer.

following the four phase blueprint with a key focus on event and production management, we accompany our clients from definition to concept, into pre-production and (technical) production.

as an independent company, we are not limited to specific suppliers or our own stock.

design & content

through our creatives platform we are able to offer the most spectacular & creative stage and show designs for our customers.

we are able to deliver the full package, from initial idea to design to creation, because we have all the disciplines available, all project phases can be aligned easily. because the complete project team is brought together in an early stage, the efficiency is higher, costs are lower and ideas are initially designed with the technical implementation in mind. this leads to more realistic designs and an effective process.

innovation & product development

we don’t like to limit the creative minds of our industry but support them with tools to turn ambition into reality. with our solutions, we develop innovative products that were born out of technical or creative event questions, that came up during the pre-production of our productions. 

Our solutions are built around innovative breakthroughs and constantly pushing the boundaries.

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